Wishlist: Conditional formatting

Just thought I’d put a topic here to see if there is interest in conditional formatting in OmniOutliner.
My search shows it’s only possible using Applescript at the moment.

In short, I’d like to select a different style for a row dependent on whether a checkbox value in a column is true or false.


I agree. It would be good to be able to use some of the formatting features that you get in Numbers. ‘Colour like this if it starts with/ contains/ equals etc’.

Personally I would like it for a second column to see at a glance whether a condition has been met when I check up at a later date on information in an outline.

I’d also be OK with defining colour values by adding styles to the elements of a pop up menu list - that might be a quick and easy way to add it to the app.

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This would be so helpful to have a visual for specific items, e.g., lightly colored blue background items for a specific project, lightly colored green background items for a given context. It doesn’t have to be a crazy long list. A dozen colors with a hierarchy re: when to apply which formatting.