Wishlist: SVG export options

Been a happy customer of Omnigraffle since v3.0. Recently been doing SVG animations with CSS3 and Javascript. Thank you for the SVG export option in OG6.


  1. There was a way during creation of an illustration to attach id's or classes to vector shapes so they can be easily referenced without scraping and modifying svg tags after export. If the rubber stamp tool is copying and pasting shape attributes, it would have been great if we could name the copied attributes into a class or an id for export as an external stylesheet.
  2. If Omnigraffle could group common attributes like text-style for different elements on the canvas into an external CSS file. At present if my illustration has say 18 shapes each with a text, at export OG generates inline styles 18 times!
  3. An option at SVG export to
    • pretty-print svg tags for a human readable format with indents and spacing after svg tags.
    • Compress the svg file. Very useful if the vector art needs to be a static image
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Ditto … particularly #1 and #2