Won't Clear Cache

Hi everyone! Sometimes when I am working with tools, like the stamp tool, OG will get stuck on an object (or row) and I can’t clear the cache. I’ve tried exiting the program and restarting it but the program seems to remember what i was doing last. One time it even started stamping an entire row, which I had not asked it to do, and I could not get it to reset. How do you reset the stamp and other features?

I am using omnigraffle for Mac, latest version.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

If the problem is clearing out the tool, choose the tool in the toolbar and click the little dropdown arrow and choose “Clear Contents”. This example is from clearing the Rubber Stamp tool.

If by “stuck” you mean that the tool stays selected, that is based on your preferences under File>Preferences>Drawing Tools. By default, clicking twice on a tool means it is “locked”. You can change these settings in the preferences here. If a tool is locked, clicking another tool is the way to clear it from being locked.

If neither of these are what you mean by the tool getting stuck, or these explanations do not fit the behavior you are seeing, please use the Help menu and Contact Omni. We are happy to help!