Work-arounds for displaying & sorting Durations?

Has anyone come up with ways of displaying and sorting Durations in the Today View?

The best I could come up with was indicating the duration in the task title/text.


" 25m Clean Nuclear Fusion Reactor"

Relatedly, would it be safe to assume that Omni will not make durations visible and sortable since OF2 has been out for many months now? I’m strongly considering going back to OF1.6…

Assuming you’re using the Pro edition, you can sort actions according to their Duration field. Actions with the shortest durations appear at the top of the list and those with no duration are at the bottom. Though, you would need to click on the action to see the duration for that action.

Alternatively, you could create custom perspectives that show you quick tasks, long tasks etc.

Including the duration at the start of the action and sorting by name would work as well. I recommend adopting a convention h:mm naming convention so that things sort in the proper order. For example:

0:05 - Respond to message from Tim
0:15 - Pick up parcel from UPS
0:25 - Clean Nuclear Fusion Reactor

You could even create TextExpander snippets for the durations you use most frequently to speed up entry on both Mac and iOS.