Workflow: dividing out & scheduling billable work vs. smaller tasks

TL;DR I want distinct, defined billable chunks of work to appear in my calendar not as tasks in OF2. I’ve a few solutions for this but they all seem clunky. How do you do it?


I’ve been using OF2 for a few months now and have avoiding asking a bunch of novice questions; instead I’ve consumed a fair amount of literature and am partially happy with my new workflow.

However, the main thing I’m struggling with right now is how to demarcate chunks of billable/client work - e.g. write a proposal by Tuesday - with more standard tasks like ‘call John to discuss proposal’.

What I really want is a tool to enable scheduling so I can juggle the low volume of time sensitive distinct work chunks. I could just add them to my calendar manually, but that makes juggling a bit messy?

I had started using our project management tool to provide an ical feed but that felt really cumbersome to update.

So, cutting to the chase, how do you handle tasks like this so they appear in forecast mode?

Or, have I got it all wrong and I should be putting everything into OF?