Workflow for project resources?

I was wondering if people would share their workflow. I feel I’m mixing resources and todo items too much. I’ve kept basic info within the todo list item itself is fine, like:

“Call for oven part” with notes of the phone numbers/serial/model numbers.

But the last year or two I’ve been putting URLs and other random things in OmniFocus. They could belong to multiple projects, but don’t really belong directly to a todo list item I have right now. It’s generally for parts of projects I haven’t defined very well - usually because there are a huge amount of work before I get there. But I don’t want to loose the info.

Curious what other people are using for support documents. Evernote, Bear, just folders in dropbox, etc.?

Sorry if this belongs somewhere else.

The question is appropriate. It is arises on occasion in various forms. I might say a few things to answer in general.

  • As best possible, rather than storing duplicates of documentation information in multiple locations, make use of URL links to / from document information.
  • You can use whatever is most comfortable for you as a way to store resource documents.

The approach will differ depending on whether you are using just the macOS version or you are combining the macOS version with iOS / iPadOS versions.


If there’s items you might want to act on later, but not right now, why not add them to a someday/maybe list?

I have one of those where I park random ideas, snippets, urls, tasks etc I might want to do something with later on, but not right now.

I review my someday/maybe list during the Weekly review and decide:

  • if it’s something I want to take action on
  • if it’s something I’d prefer to keep somewhere else
  • or if it’s something I want to keep on the someday/maybe list, ready for next week

The list itself or items from it never show up in any other perspective, so I only touch them during the review cycle.

It’s worked for me very well.
At least I know I’ve got a bucket to put the “what to do with this?” items

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