Workflow Question -- QuickEntry, decide to make a short project

Hi All – I have a workflow question. Say that I have an email that I just received that requests a specific bit of info. OK, I can hit the quickentry key ad then start entering a task within QE. But, while still in QE, I want to put a framework around that “little” task to give me context once I get done. Can I “Add Outside” to QE so that I can make a sequential set of tasks?

As an example, I get a question of “When is feature X going to be released?” I’d like to hit CMD-Period and go into QuickEntry. Then I’d like to hit another key (say Cmd-Option-[ for “Add Outside”) so that it creates a superior task that I can frame the context, and then maybe add a new task below my original task as the follow on item. Does this make sense? So, the final list of tasks would be:

Followup on Customer feature request
… Ping engineering on timeline for (X)
… Work out pricing on feature (X) for customer (Y)
… Reply to Original: “When is Feature X Going to be Released”

Does this make sense? Any guidance for me?

Could you use the Project field in the QE box for this? You can create a new project simply by typing its name into that field. You can then use that project as the container

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Actually, that might work. I’ll have to try it, but effectively, I think that’s the workflow.

Typically, I’ll jot down something very tactical, and then I’ll not remember what I need to do afterwards.

… Never mind: I just figured out that I’d like to add the subsequent actions in the QE dialog as well, and the hoped-for technique won’t work. :(

Thanks anyway.

I suppose that this either is too simple or that you otherwise already would have thought of it, but you may add a task before the original one in the quick entry dialog by pressing shift-return, and new tasks after an existing one with ctrl-return. Then you will at least have them in correct order in you inbox.

I use the “Add Inside” shortcut ( ⌘⇧]) to create an action group in QE, and then when I’m processing my Inbox it’s just a matter of dragging the parent onto the Projects tab to convert it to a Project. I hope this helps!


Thanks for everyone’s help, @Dave and @Jan_H. The behavior that I want was already built into OF2, go figure. It’s exactly the workflow of Group.

So, when I’m on a task in my inbox or a project, and I want to complete something, first I want to create “scaffolding” of project context around the task. Hitting Option-CMD-G does that for me, and puts the original task as a subordinate to the newly created task. Perfect.

It’d be great if Grouping works in the quick entry dialog (it doesn’t seem to), but for now, this works.