Working Hours Calendar Issue on Export to MPP

I’ve taken the time to create a great plan in OmniPlan, but when a co-worker opens the exported MPP file the dates observed for milestones are all wrong.

We found that the working hours, or more specifically the Off Hours, are not being respected on the import. It appears that all resources get the same Off Hours as the first resource listed in the OmniPlan file.

I suspect the issue is with Project, not OmniPlan, but I’m curious if others have seen it. If you’ve seen it, how is it dealt with.

I’ve, alternatively, exported a xml version of the file, but that threw it for a bigger loop, with someone getting the whole month of December off. So that made it worse, not better.

Is my only recourse to assume full working hours and change the effort or duration accordingly? That would be a nightmare I suspect.

The Software Info

OmniPlan: 3.8.1
OS: macOS 10.13.1
Microsoft Project: 2010 (yeah, our company doesn’t keep up!)

@TVanyo Sorry for the trouble! This doesn’t sound like a bug that we’re currently aware of in our Microsoft Project export tool. Would you mind emailing our Support team so that they can look into this with you? They can be reach at Thanks!

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Thanks for the redirect. I’ve sent something off to them. I’ve looked at the XML output and it is definitely OP that is outputing garbage.