Works on Mac, not on iOS

Hello. I downloaded and have used a great automation that adds up the estimated time of all of the selected tasks. It works great. On iOS/iPadOS, the automation appears but it’s always grayed out, even though I have selected the same rows in the same view as on the Mac.

Any suggestions?

Could you say which Plug-In are you using ?

“Total of estimated minutes”

I did that Plug-In, I think :-)

Will check how it works in iPadOS, now.

EDIT: Just checked, it works here. Cannot reproduce the are describing.

Do estimated minutes need to be showing? I can upload a screen cast if it would help.

That seems a good idea.

Do you mind also linking where you got that automation? I’d love to install it on my devices as well. :-)

Of course, @joshlgibson ! It’s one of the Plug-Ins I posted in the forums.

Thanks! I have attached what I am seeing on both Mac and iPad. On the iPad, I am showing how the automation doesn’t show in the share sheet, but I could also send you a screen cast of it being grayed out in the Developer mode menu.



Just sent you a DM.

Just a follow-up. Found the issue. Will push an update in a few hours, when I get back to my desk.

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Just pushed an update. The script now works on iOS/iPadOS.

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Found the update, installed, and confirmed that it is working perfectly. Thank you for the quick turnaround!