Worth Upgrading from OF1 to OF2?

I’ve already upgraded OF Mac to OF2, and I have OF1 on my iPhone. I’m wondering if it is worth upgrading to OF2 there, especially with the high price. I do plan to upgrade the iPad version as that is what i use most often, anyway.

What is new in the iPhone version that isn’t present in OF1?

To me the biggest benefits weren’t from any new features but how my stuff is presented on the iphone- entering, sorting and finding stuff is incredibly fast and intuitive with the new GUI.

For me it has been the opposite. :) I think the layout and transitions are a step back, digging into nested tasks/projects is still confusing at best, notes attached to a task are hard to find, the app is still buggier than OmniFocus 1, …

But that’s fine. I am mostly using my iPhone as a mobile inbox. And OF2 is awesome for that thanks to the automatic background sync in iOS 7 :)

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