Writing Danish weekdays in Due field

I am Danish, but I am running Omnifocus 2.7.2 and MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) in English, as I am not too impressed with the Danish translations.

I have ben used to be able to write both Danish and English weekday names in Due Date field, but some weeks ago Omnifocus stopped recognizing Danish weekday names.

Is it some setting/feature in Omnifocus that has changed?

Or is it something in macOS?

(Although I prefer English UI, I prefer to write Danish weekday names, as they are much easier spelled!)

/Karl Erik Jessen
Farum DK

Hello Karl Erik Jessen,

The language preferences you use for your operating system determines the words used for Today, Tomorrow, and days of the week. Using the first 3 letters of the selected macOS language often works with less spelling accuracy needed. If you changed your Sierra preference to English and it used to be Danish, that is why it will now expect English words for due dates like tomorrow, today, and days of the week.

Check out https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/omnifocus/mac/2.6/en/dates-and-times/ for a few alternate ideas. Using numbers might help you set a less language specific due date. I hope some of the options here can help you find an easier solution. Congratulations on being fluent in multiple languages, a skill I wish more of us had across the world!



Hi Lanette

Thanks for the answer. Actually I found the solution in MacOS System Preferences:

In Language and Region there are a box with one or more “Preferred languages”. I have 2: Danish and English

If Danish is first - primary - then Omnifocus understands both Danish and English weekdays and time concepts
If English is first then only English is recognized

Not very logical, but it works

/Karl Erik
Farum DK

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Hi again Lanette

Setting Danish as my primary language actually isn’t a solution that I want: macOS and most applications are now showing Danish language in UI (menus, dialogs etc.)

So the situation is

  • If Danish is set as “primary language” then Omnifocus recognizes both English and Danish weekdays and time concepts
  • If English is set as “primary language” then Omnifocus only recognizes English weekdays and time concepts

In my opinion that is an error, but if it is an error in Omnifocus or somewhere else, I do not know.

/Karl Erik
Farum DK

Hi Karl Erik,

See the change language support article for the official description on how we choose which language to use. If you pick a language outside of the currently supported languages English is used. Since macOS allows you to switch at any time to another language, English is there as your backup.

We are open to your feedback on how support for multilingual users could be improved! The best way to submit a feature request is to email omnifocus@omnigroup.com so we can make sure it is properly tracked and shared with the team.