#WWDC #Yosemite #OSX #iOS8

Yosemite looks amazing!! I can’t wait for the OS X and iOS 8 updates this fall. I love the integration both OS’s are getting! Who else is excited?! :D


its one of the best keynote i’ve ever watched in years!

I’m very excited about Yosemite too :)


I agree!! I had a huge smile on my face the whole time and Craig is definitely entertaining. He also does a good job explaining and demoing the features. He can even get my non-techy friends to watch and understand what’s headed our way. They also experience a wow-factor as well.

Craig also gets you excited about the upcoming features, so I love it every time he’s on the stage to introduce something new.

oooohhhhh… i can’t wait to see what OmnIFocus 2.1 is gonna look like. Yosemite and iOS 8 brings so many new opportunities to OF2!

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