XML error in DB

Opened my DB this am to make a quick change, nothing done prior… DB synced and then I received this error Screenshot of error

now OF2 won’t open at all and continually get the same error.
-Tried reverting to a prior DB (but is a bit old and I really need current data). Then resyncing down from Server and get the same error

-DB on my iphone is good and that is syncing properly

-Tried restoring DB on mac, deleting everything within and then, sync down from iphone DB (full replace) same error

-Tried opening OF1 and restoring from iphone DB and same issues

Any help on how to get that DB from my iphone onto the mac and/or resolve this issue?

Was able to resolve manually. I couldnt gain access to any relevant backups until I restored a very old backup from 3 months(beta) ago and then could access the “show backup” and able to find this mornings backup and simply replaced my server DB with that version…