Yosemite extensions support coming? [A: Shipped in v2.1]

Are we going to see an update for Yosemite where OmniFocus will display over in the “Today” sidebar? (Is that technically “extensions” in OS X?)


Yeah, its gonna be great if its available!


What about a Share extension?


+1 for both sharing and today extension! And please make the today-extension configurable, personally I would like a “due or flagged”-list in the today-sidebar on all platforms (iOS as well). Guess other people would have other preferences.

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+1. Reminders and Wanderlust have it already :(

Please please please get on this! :) Thanks


Worse still, Things - yes, Things - beat Omnifocus to market with a OS 10.10 feature complete product. It has the Today widget, Handoff, Share extensions in Safari, Apple Maps, etc, and even the translucent sidebar.

Omnigroup needs to get “back to the Mac.” Their iPhone and iPad apps have these features. The Mac app is the one straggling behind.

The no ETA is ominous. Evidently Yosemite features are not a priority.

Our plans and priorities change. A feature might take more (or occasionally less) time than we hoped. So an ETA would usually be a guess. However, many people read them as promises and then get disappointed or even angry if we don’t meet our guess. So we often don’t share our estimated ship dates. This does not necessarily mean we’re not working on something.


Not helpful, @wlow

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What’s not helpful? Omnifocus is the Mercedes-Benz of To Do apps. (It is certainly priced that way.) So having high expectations as a consumer is hardly out of line. Seeing lesser brands offer new features before Omnifocus is disappointing (it would be like seeing Hyundai offer remote keyless entry way before Mercedes-Benz).

What’s even more troubling is how buggy their point releases have been recently. Ken has had to apologize twice on twitter for bad releases and put through emergency fixes. And 2.4 OF for iPhone is yet another buggy release. It doesn’t background update as often. I’ve scrolled down in forecast only to see every entry turn into the word “Inbox.” (Had to force-quit it to get my entries back.) I’ve had it not let me go to the Info, Note, Attachment screen, yet I could still scroll. (Had to force-quit it again.) Calendars had to be turned back on manually with this release.

It just seems like their software engineers are overwhelmed; perhaps they need to hire more people. Every desktop product now has an iPad and an iPhone companion. That’s triple the workload. OmniFocus for Mac was really a Mavericks release that came on the heals of Apple’s Yosemite release (I don’t believe it has any Yosemite features save for the flat design). I just would like to enjoy a Yosemite release of OF for a period of time before Apple releases OS 10.11.

Cultured Code has only three products to work on: Things for Mac, Things for iPad, Things for iPhone.

As you said, Omni has a wider product lineup to manage. Omni has been very productive maintaining all of their products. In this regards, Omni has done three times (or more) the amount of work that Cultured Code has done in the same timespan.

You may not like idea that Omni is spending time on the other products but there are folks who wanted their software of choice updated more than OmniFocus.

If you looked at Cultured Code, they missed the boat getting updated for iOS 7. They had to temporarily delay their Things 3 development and get the Things 2.5 update released.

Every software package has bugs. That’s life. It’ll get fixed. If you know what the bugs are, work around it. That’s not a satisfactory answer to some folks but that’s something we have to deal with.

For background update, it’s not that hard to just open OmniFocus, scroll down, and hit the sync button just to make sure. Sure, I’d love to see it automated without my intervention. But I’m learning to just hit the sync button in the meantime. Didn’t hurt my finger one bit.


I’m really looking forward to this as well. Hopefully we will see it soon.

Cultured Code (Things) = a “lesser brand”? Nope.
It’s just a different product, serving a different audience.

If you like Things better, go download it.
The iOS versions are available for free right now.

Every app has bugs and glitches – especially when running on new operating systems. If you can’t accept or don’t tolerate bugs, wait some time before upgrading to the latest version and check forums like this to see what’s going on.


Continuing the discussion from Yosemite extensions support coming? [A: planned, no ETA yet.]:

0:28 – 0:42.

First ≠ Best.

Proper execution trumps speedy but scrappy implementation.

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Are there updates for the features listed in this thread? I browsed a site on Safari Mac, found it on Safari iOS history, and shared it to Omnifocus…

Have you taken OmniFocus 2.1 Public Test for a spin? http://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omnifocus-2/

The v2.1 update, now available, includes Yosemite extension support. To enable them, open up the Notification Center, click the “Edit" button at the bottom, then click the green “+” next to OmniFocus. Hope this helps!