Yosemite, OF1 and Bonjour httpd sync errors

Just upgraded to Yosemite two days ago and can no longer sync OF1 with my iPhone.

OF support has pointed me towards setting up my own WebDav server–which is the whole reason I never upgraded to OF2.

Wondering if anyone else besides me is having problems syncing.

I’m using OF1 + Yosemite and I have sync on a private webdav server and I’m chugging along just fine. When you say httpd sync, are you referring to a webdav sync or something else?

I’m using the built in Wifi Bonjour sync in OF1.

Heck, maybe I’m the only guy using OF1 on Yosemite with Bonjour sync. I hope not and there’s folks out there that are running problem-free… and the solution is some config file needs to be recreated… or something.

Thanks Oman.

I ended up reluctantly moving over to WebDavNav Server and OF1. I’d prefer an OF-based solution and sitting tight in hopes that OF incorporates something into OF2… at which point, I’d consider upgrading.

Bonjour is a big bag of hurt for synching. WebDAVNav server is actually much more secure when properly configured than using the built-in OF1 syncing.