Your *stoppers* for switching from OF1-for-iPad to OF2-for-iPad?

Per discussion with kcase on Twitter, why don’t we make a list of what stops us from switching from OF1 to OF2 on iPad?

Here is a list of what I already identified (not full yet). While most are not stoppers taken one-by-one, together they make me strongly prefer to keep using OF1:

  • (stopper per se) moving a parent item within a project keeps all its children in the original place, making them orphans. Good news it’s display only problem, as data is updated correctly. But you need to re-open the project to see the new hierarchy correctly. Sometimes forces me to go to OF1 for a single move, which is huge timewaster.

  • when editing a title for existing action, trying to expand text selection to the right frequently results in displaying a sidebar instead. Sometimes forces me to go to OF1 for a single edit, which is huge timewaster.

  • I often find that, after some manipulations within a single (and focused) project, I find myself in the middle of a long list of its peer projects, struggling to scroll back to the project I just worked with. Didn’t find a consistent scenario to reproduce it yet–would be grateful if other users help to identify it

  • when searching for a project, single tap on it in the search results list opens the project properties, not the action list (which I found preferred most of the time). Long-tap for “Go to Project” works around, but adds 2 cents to staying with OF1.

  • I so often tap Undo instead of Edit (bullet list icon) - so counter-intuitively they are placed close to each other. Same problem with Done-Undo; bold for Done doesn’t help. For a massive restructure, it makes me prefer OF1.

Now, what are your stoppers for switching from OF1 to OF2 on iPad? (please only stoppers, to keep the list as focused as possible)

  • I am unable to customize the home screen with my preferred list and order of Perspectives, including the need to eliminate many (if not all) of the “built-in” ones from the home screen.


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One more thing:

  • in long projects that have action list not fitting into a single screen, editing or pasting an action in the middle of project resets scroll position to the top of the project. This forces me to scroll back to where I was editing/pasting, which is not always easy or time-efficient

The Pro upgrade allows me to customise the Home Screen for OF2 for iPad with my preferred order of perspectives. I took out the default Flagged perspective on the iPad. I just checked and saw that I can also hide any default perspectives as well.

The iPhone app doesn’t allow me to hide the default perspectives. But recent posts from the developers say that a future update to the iPhone app will bring the ability to create/edit custom perspectives

Thanks. That removes one major limit to updating my iPad version.


Is there a reason to upgrade when we’re still running OF1 on OSX?