Zoho Projects Integration with Omniplan (pub/sub)

Hello, World

I am working on a project with a client that uses Zoho Projects. Has anyone got a plugin/script/extension that I can use (or buy) that allows full integration between Omniplan and Zoho Projects?

They provide an API so with Omniplan Pro it must be possible to do this but I am not inclined to increase my frustration levels by writing it myself!

API Details

Thanks for looking at this and I look forward to a response.

Steven Lane

Sorry to be a pessimist, bu I’d expect full integration to be a big ask. I see that Soho has XML/MPP import and export options, which suggest it cab read/write formats that OP might work with. But setting aside the challenges of automating the two-way interaction, the forma translation is likely to have limitations because of differences in features between the 2 products. I also wonder about the consequences if a co-worker updates the online Soho project while you’re doing something in OP.

All that said, someone may have a way.

Out of interest, why not just use Zoho? Although OP is very nice, your life will be easier, I think.

Checking our issue tracker, it looks like this is the first time someone has requested compatibility with Zoho Projects. I’ll get that filed as a new feature request so the rest of the team knows you’d like to see that added in the future. Thanks!

Hi Nick - the simple answer to why not use Zoho - because our processes are built with Omniplan and we would have to duplicate everything + additional cost of paying for Zoho for one project… It would be so much easier if I could just have it replicate. My solution so far is to publish the project to a shared drive and have the client import it - one way sync. Thanks.

Brian - saw your email. What you say would be useful. Both products provide a way of import / export data so there is a way to this. Look at the Zoho api - https://www.zoho.com/projects/help/rest-api/projects-api.html

But if I was coding this I would setup a platform that allows plugins to be used so that the one integration method worked on a multiple project platforms such as basecamp etc. Possibly this the middleware could be Zapier, but in the past I have written code for something like a CORBA broker. So it becomes possible to integrate Omniplan into any platform through using a middleware platform, an XML data exchange and having field mappings acheived through connectors. Even something like the IBM Websphere MQ would allow this model to be built and Omniplan could sell the integration through subscription.

I could come up with some code but I do not have the time to take on the headache of creating this as a script or plugin to omniplan.

Omniplan is a great product, superior to a lot of other products, but is lacking in not having a cloud solution that allows sync to other products on the market. The pub/sub model is useful but only to a point.

One of the issues I have with Zoho is that there is no offline client and the assumption is made that you are always connected which I am not. Many other cloud solutions assume the same. I would prefer a fat client solution.

The solution I intend to use for now is very similar to this - http://lightmanyfires.com/project-plan-omniplan-confluence/

Understood - it was just a thought

All that said, someone may have a way.