+1 day should start with today not tomorrow

When using the inspector to set a due date, the +1 day button starts with tomorrow. Why not today? Every time I enter a task due today, I have to click on the cell and type today or select from the calendar pop out. Seems to me if the due date field is blank, +1 day should default to today. If you want it due tomorrow, just hit the button twice. Thoughts? Is this a feature request I should log somewhere? Thanks!


Hi Mike! If you’d like to make sure that a feature request is heard by our team, the guaranteed way to do that is to email omnifocus@omnigroup.com. Emails to that address are watched by our awesome Support Humans, who can make sure your request goes to the right place.

Just for the sake of discussion, though, I’m curious: what do you think should happen with the +1 week and +1 month buttons? Should they also start with today, then increment by a week and a month?

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That doesn’t make sense to me. +1 day is tomorrow. If you want it due at 3 PM today, say 3p.

I would think +1 week and +1 month would remain the same. The iOS app for iPad has a “Today” button. That’s really what I’m looking for. If there is no “Today” button in the OSX version, then I’m suggesting +1 would start with today.