"10-minute warning" notifications?

Starting to implement GTD. Coming from Wunderlist (great software to start with GTD, but not so much if you get better at GTD). I searched in the docs, but couldn’t find a “notification” setting for action items. I know I need this. Found this topic. I’ve activated notification (As notifications) to see what happens. Nothing happens so far (what can I expect from this?). I’ve set some actions on a couple of minutes ahead, but when that time comes, nothing happens :(

Main question:
Can I get a real pop up notification customized with x minutes before the due date?

example: I have a meeting at 14:00 and would like a 10 minute warning.

If you’re being strict about following GTD, you shouldn’t use OmniFocus for anything that is in your calendar; that’s what the calendar is for. If I have a meeting and think I’ll need a reminder, I set one up in my calendar application. Also, anything that can only be done on a specific day goes in the calendar. Due dates reflect your commitments to get something done by a specific date, not on a specific date.

That said, I do get notifications when an OmniFocus task comes due. Perhaps you should check your Notification settings (in System Preferences) to ensure that OmniFocus is allowed to make notifications.


Agreed…all my time sensitive tasks are in my calendar…i often use Siri to remind me to do something at a certain time… “siri - remember to drink beer at 4 pm tomorrow” generally…i get the reminder to do just that.

OmniFocus 3 has been discussed and nagging reminders is something that was discussed as being included in that future update.

Here’s the second paragraph from this blog post.

This year’s roadmap also talked about our plans for OmniFocus. About how its new sync format lets us make fundamental improvements to the data it keeps track of—enabling faster syncing of databases with large attachments, supporting multiple tags per item (replacing contexts), and improving the system for notifications and repeats. And how our iOS app can take some design cues from the Mac app to make it easier to see the information you care about and work with multiple tasks more efficiently.

I use the Due app on my iPad and iPhone for nagging reminders. Looking forward to the OmniFocus Test Flight beta program in Q1 2018.


Thanks, will be waiting for OF3.