2 beginner questions

  1. Re the alphabetic (or other) sorting… Is there a way to have this only apply at a given level, in this case I’m thinking of the first and second level, with no sorting of the third, but in general am curious if there is any way to restrict the application of the sorting. The use case is a vocabulary list. I’d like to have a first level of A, B, C, etc, which would expand to the individual words on the second level. For a third level I’d be wanting to have nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, etc forms, which I would NOT want alphabetized… Possible?

  2. Columns. Sort of a similar question. I’m getting the feeling you can only set columns at the first level, or am I wrong? I’d love to be able to have different column headings at different levels… Possible?

Thanks in advance. Best — JM

  1. As far as I know, no but there are those here with much more experience than I;

  2. As far as I know, no. Column headings are document level items, not row specific.

Thanks for the get back. From the silence of the other gurus I’m getting the feeling these functionalities don’t exist, especially as a review of the forum shows extensive discussion of similar questions having to do with check boxes… I’m not sure the this kind of control people are seeking can even be called granular… It just seems like a logical feature to offer. I hearby move that we generate another wave of feature requests at support… Thanks — JM

  1. If you collapse the sub-topics, then select your rows, when you do Organize -> Sort Selected Rows, it will only sort the level that shows.

  2. I’m not sure how that would work. I do have some columns that are “overloaded” in that they can serve more than one purpose. The appropriate context is derived from the location in the tree (path in the outline). For example, I have a generic summation column (roll-ups) that is used in any context where a sum is necessary. It could be money, or for projects, the number of remaining tasks. I also have a generic time roll-up column.