2 features suggestions

First of all, congratulations on Omnifocus mac V2! That said I see two features that would greatly improve my workflow.

No. 1 : With the quick entry, it would be great to have a clickable calendar for the dates, at the moment only word can be entered or date but i don’t always know what is the date of Thursday two weeks from now. Therefore i often fin myself to open ical just to have a look at the dates before completing my quick entry.

No. 2 : In the inspect menu, it’s nice to have the button +1day … +1month like on iOS. But i realize I often use these buttons for more than one click, on mac when I’m on the forecast, as soon as I click on one of the button de event get pushed back, it would be better in my opinion if we could use the button more thant once before the date is actually changed, like 2 or 3 clicks to defer 2 or 3 weeks from now. As of today I often click on it and then find myself looking for the task in the next week only to click again if i wanted to weeks from now… Of course i could use the calendar that is available here but it’s quicker to tap 11 time on +1 month than opening the calendar and then look for future months…



Hi, I suggest you to send an email to the Omni guys. That is the only official way to submit feature or support requests. You can find all needed info on the app itself, by going to Help>Contact Omni.

Hi, I sent them an email as you suggested. They even got back to me with a workaround for the second request. :
Regarding the second one, if you have the default Forecast calendar
selection of all dates (click the Forecast tab twice to load this)
then you should be able to click the “+” buttons as many times as
you want. The item will move, but will remain selected.

As for the first requested feature they added my vote, apparently somebody had already suggested it.