2 Questions of me and friend (custom perspectives? and URL link as text)

-1 Pls forgive me if I’ve overlooked the obvious.

Is it possible to format a string of text as a link as such… perhaps using the convention, Cmnd-K?

So that I might have an Action in (OF 2.8) such as: ‘check latest posts in forums’ where the actual string, ‘forums’ was itself a live hyperlink in the body of my task.


-2 I am always on the lookout for some tips from other users when it comes to making the best out of Omnifocus. I think its impressive flexibility is awesome, but it also means that there are probably several things I could do with it that I have never thought about.

So here’s my question for you today: what are your custom perspectives?

Put the link in the notes section. I use this regularly to check various work related accounts. Get familiar with command-apostrophe. It expands the note section so you can see your link. Click to follow.

To answer your second question, I use the following:

Review (default) I review every day. The frequency cycle depends on the urgency of the task
Here & Now (see attached image) a basic flagged or due filter
4302 - I publish a magazine. This name represents the current project perspective by issue volume and number
Changed - so I can see what I’ve changed today in case I get lost
Completed - so I can feel good
Deferred - so I can see what I might have hidden from myself
Communication - this is a context perspective for email, calls, etc.
Flagged Errands - anything flagged with context = Errands/Shopping/GeoFence
All Buy - anything with the text “buy”

There are more, but that gives you an idea. The key to getting my day started correctly is to complete the attached list as early as possible. I do this in the Forecast view, and this this order. Notice the last thing in the list is to switch to the Here and Now perspective.