24-hour clock for due and defer

I prefer to use the 24-hour clock over AM/PM

My MacBook Pro and iPad Air do that.
My new iMac (same OF2 version as MBP) does not
I have the system clock set to 2-hour.

How can I change the iMac OF2 to 24-hour?



I would prefer to enter times in 24-hour format. I can do so as hh:mm. I can also do so as military time (hhmm), provided there is a specified date. When no date is specified I get some really funky results. For example, entering 1700 in an empty field today yields “11/1/00, 5:00 PM”. That despite the fact that entering without a date as either hh:mm or in the regular format (5p) works fine.

I do not have a requirement to display in 24-hour format, since that’s not how my system clock displays.

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@ebabble: You can change the datetime format that OF displays by changing the system datetime format to 24-hour in System Preferences under Language and Region.