3 Noob Questions: 1. Local file/folder link "file://..." 2. Actions with No Status 3. Todo within Action

I’m just trying OF and trying to set up all the things that I do in Evernote. I’m pretty much there but have not been able to find out how to do these 3 things, which may not be possible…but this would be useful to know instead!

  1. I use links to local files/folders of the form 'file://…". I’ve tried putting them into OF Actions a few times and with a couple of different machines. But in OF, although the short links work, the longer ones just go a couple of levels down without getting to the path’s target.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is this a known problem or some kind of security measure? I don’t think the links are malformed, they look fine and work properly from other sources.

  1. By default, I’d like to have one app that does everything but I’m gradually coming around to the opinion that you use OF for GTD and, say, Evernote for storing notes. So, I can keep a Classic Note Link to an Evernote from an OF Action, (with a reciprocal EN -> OF link) for convenience. Perfect.

But because the OF Action always has a status (e.g., Active/Complete) I need to choose one to house the Evernote link. Of course, it’s not really an Action at all, the Action is just a place to hold an Evernote Classic Link.

This is ok, it works but it feels as though I’m missing something. Surely there should be a note-like thing with no Action status for links and, say, general notes that require no action. Am I missing something or overthinking something that’s not really a problem?!

  1. I think that the answer is ‘no—can’t be done’ but since we’ve come this far together, I thought I’d ask!

In Evernote, I’ll often write up some notes, a couple of paragraphs, some bullet points and they will contain some action points as Check-list todos. I set up a Smart Search (so like an OF Perspective) for Evernotes that are both tagged for a project and have an unchecked todo.

This fits will with some of my habits, in a way, that won’t work well with Project Actions in OF…unless there actually is a way to have multiple todos in an Action, that I’ve missed.

Thanks, Jasper

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