30 secs to load Omnifocus iOS now?

In the past week my iOS version of OFocus is taking 30secs plus to load and display my inbox task list. I’ve archived my database and compacted it. Still slow. Anyone else having this issue? I’m on OF 3.11.3 pro (v148.7.0). iOS v14.4.

Have you already contacted Omni’s tech support humans by emailing omnifocus@omnigroup.com? That’s the best way to get help with issues like this, and generally the fastest way to get help as well: every question which was sent to the team yesterday (when you posted this) should have received a reply from a human today.

That said, in my experience delays like this are caused by integrations with slow calendar services which are enabled in Forecast’s view settings. You might try disabling all the calendars there and see if that solves the issue. If it does, you could try turning on specific calendars one by one until you track down the one which is causing the delay.

Hope this helps!

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