8 or 16 GB iPad Pro

Just for a fun discussion, who is interested in the 16 GB iPad Pro? it seems like a waste of power. I hope we see something at WWDC (not MacOS on iPad) that signals where that extra RAM might be needed.

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Right. I will buy 1TB just to get 16GB memory. It was always a toss up between 512GB and 1TB, coming from a 128GB Original 12.9" IPad Pro.

And my hope is eg XCode. For audio editing Ferrite is fine on my current machine, though a little slow to render. And I have little interest so far in video editing.

I also hope iPad OS will chuck apps out of memory less frequently with 16GB.


I am thinking 16 as well. Future proof so I will be good for years to come.
I am very excited about WWDC and iPadOS.

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Tempted to go for 16 GB just to future proof the device, but the price increase is steep and I don’t need that much storage at all. All depends on mood and weather tomorrow 😀

Well, I thought 128GB was excessive 6 years ago. But for the past few months I’ve been running out when attempting to install things.

And, I expect my usage to change with the new one - in ways I can’t predict.

Anyhow, roll on early-to-mid June when my new one arrives. (The pencil already has, and the Magic Keyboard soon will.)

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