960 grid template doesn't snap to grid

Hello, not sure what I’m doing wrong but the 960 grid template doesn’t snap to grid.

  1. Create a new document and select the Software Design > 960 Grid template
  2. By default grid snapping is enabled (but just make sure it does)
  3. Drag out a rectangle and move/size it around. It doesn’t snap to the grid.

If you do all of the above but you select a different template (eg Imperial Units > Auto-Resizing), grid snapping works.

What is so different about the 960 Grid template that it doesn’t snap to the grid?


OG 6.4.1
OS X 10.11.2

I think I figured it out. In the 960 Grid template, the grid is set as 10 x 10 (eg both major and minor grid is set to the same value). This seems to result in a fact that object will not snap to the grid.

Not sure if this is by design or it’s a bug.