A long-awaited feature for OF 4

Hi everyone! Hi OF team! I’m a big OF french fan and use it as a central point of my daily work. Waiting for OF 4, I was wondering: why don’t you make note section a more important OF feature? I mean: I’d like to be able to take organized notes as seen in other apps such as Pocket Informant or Pagico. In OF, note section isn’t as accentuated as it could be while it could be an outstanding feature. Is it too difficult to implement it? Is it too late to think about it?


I doubt Omni will make substantial changes to the feature set in the current Beta which is more about getting the new interface “right” rather than new features.

If I have some “serious” notes to add to a task/project I tend to link to external note in a dedicated app (and sometimes a link from the note app back to the OF task).

There are a lot of note applications/services that support deep linking like this.

DevonTHINK seems to be popular amongst the OF folks, but Obsidian is quite interesting too. If you go that route you might find Hook of interest as it makes creating these bidirectional links trivial.


I see it like “psidnell”.
Besides, if the note features would expand, it would again not correct for some of the users, because they had other needs. In addition, the size of the database data would increase considerably. As mentioned, there are so many different Note apps out there with very good features. I’ve been using Evernote with Omnifocus and other types of notes for many years. A conversion of the notes with a range of functions as f.e. Evernote would result in a significant price increase.

I have been using Obsidian and Hook both, and really like both Apps. But one important Caveat with the links:

If you link to an Obsidian note, and change the title or path, the link is broken, as their links work on a query for the title of the document and parent folder. Change either, and that is all done. Just be aware of that when linking back to any note from OF.

What I have been doing is experimenting with Devonthink, and using Devonthink links to the note about the task, and copying that link. At least it opens it in DT, and you won’t break the note link. I am thinking of an automation to allow that link to be opened in Obsidian (by getting the Title from DT, and building the query in Obsidian.

Personally, I am a big believer in keeping the notes separate from the OF tasks.

@craigw Given what you said about creating a link to search Obsidian, you might find this plugin useful (I haven’t tried it yet): https://github.com/Vinzent03/obsidian-advanced-uri

In addition to Evernote and DevonThink already mentioned, Drafts, Bear, Ulysses (although that is geared for long-form writing), and others all provide deep-links and are good options for reference material linked to in OF tasks.

If you want to have tasks and notes/reference in the same place, it makes more sense to embed tasks, which have a limited lifecycle, in a notes app (like Drafts, Evernote, Roam, and many others enable) rather than including notes in disparate OF items. OF notes are good for capturing a few details on how to execute the task.

Im with the OP. why have two apps when one could possibly do the job. beefing up the editor in the notes section would not be terrible.

Of course at some point your notes because more than what your task manager should be used for and then a dedicated app probably should be used

I blows my mind that a well made note in OF Mac cannot be shown with its text and images together on OF IOS. Attachments are evil. OF IOS is unusable to me outside of checking off tasks. The user should not need to use workarounds to use the same product on a different device. Just say no attachments! This is my #1 pet peeve about OF. Who’s with me? Hey OF - Fix that! #NoAttachments

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