A plugin for OmniFocus that starts Toggl timers from within the app

So, OmniFocus and Toggl play an important part in my productivity and I wasted a lot of time trying to keep them in sync. I played around with the new Automation tools inside OmniFocus and created this plugin that can be found here. Hopefully someone else will find this useful.

It’s not the most intuitive to get set up (I can not for the life of me workout the best way to share plugins and to allow users to set options) but once it’s sorted it’s super easy to start Toggl timers. Combine with Keyboard Maestro on the Mac (and using inbuilt keyboard shortcuts in the iPad app) you can start a timer with a single keyboard shortcut.

When you highlight a task in OmniFocus (on MacOS or iPadOS) and then kick off this automation, a timer will be started with:

  • Description as the name of the task
  • Tags copied over from OmniFocus
  • Project used from the project the task belongs to within OmniFocus. The plugin will create a new Project if the project doesn’t exist in Toggl.

Instructions on how to install can be found https://github.com/benhughes/of-start-toggl-timer

Also if anyone can suggest how to store data using the automation then I’ll be grateful. Example asking the user for their API token and then storing it so they don’t have to dive into the JS code to set this. Couldn’t find anything in the documentation.


Thank you for creating this plugin. It was simple to set up and works well with toggl.

Thank you for sharing this!

Unfortunately there isn’t a good place to store that sort of information right now, but there certainly ought to be! We’ll add that.

I have installed the plugin and added my auth token, but when I start a timer a window appears saying “An error occurred, see console for more info”. The error in the console is:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘projects.find’)

Edit: apparently this was because my toggl was empty (never used it before). Created a new task on the site and now timers work perfectly from Omnifocus. Thank you every much for this plugin, I’ve been wanting something similar since I started using the pomodoro technique a few months ago.

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