A shortcut to highlighting a text in the note section? (can be with Automator or Keyboard Maestro)

I’m looking for any solution to be able to highlight the notes, without going to Format ▸ Show Fonts ▸ Text Background Color ▸ Choose Color

I’m sure you’d use it too.

I know I’m resurrecting a 7-year-old thread here, but I wanted to share the KM macro I just made for this exact purpose in case there are other people like me who are still coming across this thread 7 years later while Googling for a solution.

It’s probably pretty straightforward, but here’s a quick rundown anyway:

  1. I select the text I want to highlight in the notes section of the inspector.
  2. I hit SHIFT + CMD + H
  3. KM bolds it, applies the desired formatting—black text and yellow background—and then pastes it back over the original selection. It works like a charm!