A simple way to auto populate date column entries?

Problem: I use OmniOutliner to manage course schedules & lesson plans. For each course I teach, I create a new outline with rows for each day the course meets. I’d like to be able to set the dates for the first two entries (say, January 8, 2019 and January 10th) and then add 7 days to each of those iteratively in new rows until a termination date… say April 25, 2019. If this is possible, I haven’t found the way to do it. Can someone help me out? Manually typing in each date makes me crazy…

I’m using OO 5.4.1. Pro edition. I’m not a coder (though I’d love to learn). If this is something that can be accomplished by a script and the coding is something a novice can grasp, I’d welcome a pointer to a walkthrough if one exists.

I’m going to be embarrassed if/when someone points out an obvious solution to my problem in core functionality of the software that’s clearly documented (but I haven’t found it yet).

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