A way to have a dedicated minimum project/context window

Hi, is there a way that I could have a dedicated minimum window that I could take with all the time, like using an applescript to help me deal with that automatically?

The way that I do is to ctrl+o->select a project->focus this project->hide toolbar->hide sidebar and inspector, so I have a window of my project with me, but I don’t know if there’s other ways to do that?

Thank you!

There’s not an in-built way to do this, unfortunately, but you can automate it with an application like Keyboard Maestro. Shawn Blanc wrote a post on how he accomplishes something similar. You could use that as a starting point for your own workflow.

My way (not a KM user) was to make keyboard shortcuts using System Preferences that show/hide the toolbar, sidebar, and inspector. Not ideal, but once I have what I want in the main content panel, everything else goes away (great for a daily list or dash list).



Hi @nostodnayr, that’s a pretty good example, thank you.

Hi @deturbulence, thank you for providing your workflow, really love the new minimum look for s specific window without messing around the main one. :-)