A way to save current setup/database for later?

Not sure if database is the correct term here. Basically, I want to make a bunch of changes to possibly improve my workflow. And just in case they don’t work out, I’m wondering if there is a “restore to saved file” function. I know I can just look at a “Changed” perspective and reverse each action, but I’ll be making a change to hundreds of tasks. Is there a way I can take a “snapshot” of my current setup to restore back to if needed? Thanks so much.

Don’t know if “Archive” will trigger a back-up but found this:

Restoring from a Backup

OmniFocus errs on the side of meticulous data preservation, automatically backing up your database once every two hours, in one of the following folders.

  • Omni store version:

~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Backups/

  • Mac App Store version:

~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2.MacAppStore/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Backups/

OmniFocus keeps up to 100 backups of your database at a time, which comes to about 2 weeks worth if you run OmniFocus continuously (more for most people, since a backup can’t happen if OmniFocus isn’t open).

To restore a backed-up version of your database, choose Show Backups from the File menu, then double-click to choose a backup file to view. It’ll open in its own separate OmniFocus window so you can browse it and determine if it’s the one you want; if so, choose Revert to This Backup in the notice bar and it’ll replace your current database.


Wow. Perfect! This worked. It’s exactly what I need. I wish I’d known about this in the past. I’ve made so many overhauls that seemed great in theory, but turned out to be unusable in practice. Thanks again!

(Also, I learned that sometimes shutting down my computer, restarting it, and then re-opening OF can trigger a back up. So that’s handy.)

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