Abandoned option?


I am very new to OmniFocus, so I might be missing the obvious. However, I do not see where you could mark an action (or a project) as “abandoned” or “will not do”. Also, in other words, instead of a check in the box, I would like an X in the box.


In the project section of the inspector there is a status drop-down. From it you can select :Active, On hold, Dropped, Completed. This refers only to projects however.


I’d like this drop-down status to be available also for single actions: I like to keep tracks of what was tempted in a project and was finally dropped down: I write in the comments of the task why it was abandoned. Having only the ongoing or done status doesn’t help to see what didn’t work in that project


Our next update will add support for dropped tasks.


Test builds with support for dropped tasks are now available! From our Twitter feed:

“Dropped” status for individual actions is coming to OmniFocus in v3.4 for Mac and 3.3 for iOS. This feature opens up workflows in lots of OmniFocus systems, most notably the ability to “Skip” an occurrence of a repeating action. Sign up to help us test!