About to give up on the forums

I’m really unhappy with the new forums.

When I go to the forum, I get a page “Today” with a long list of posts about OmniFocus. I don’t use OF, I’m not interested in OF, I’m never going to use OF. So I have to click a button before I can see if there are any posts on the forums for OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner or OmniWeb. Why can’t the new OmniGroup forum open at the “Categories” page, or give me a preference to open it on that page — as the old forum did? I could then quickly see if there are any posts I might want to read.

And why isn’t there an obvious button to click to mark the forums as read? I want to read the threads that interest me, then just click a button to mark all the rest as read so they fade into the background, as was possible with the old forums.

Finally, I can’t say I like the use of colour for the different categories as I find the colours too brash, but I do know people who rely on colour more than text who may like them. But do they have to be that garish?

I’ll continue trying, but I’m losing interest in a forum I’ve have checked every day since it was first set up.

Rant over.

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For what it’s worth, I had a similar problem: I interact primarily with the OmniFocus forums, but not any of the others. I dealt with this by going into my profile preferences, then muting all the forums for other apps:

As to the “mark as read” button, I think you can find an equivalent on the New tab near the bottom. It’s labeled “Dismiss New,” and for me, it marks all the new threads as read. A similar button exists on the Unread tab.

Does that help?

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Discourse by default redirects users who are new or who haven’t visited in some period of time to the “Top” page instead of “Categories”. I’m about to disable that redirect, since as you mention “Top” is dominated by OmniFocus which had a head start.


I would like to mute all forums except OG but I can’t find that feature on my preferences page. What am I missing?

Click on your profile picture, then click preferences, then at the bottom under Categories the last one is “Muted”. Enter the forums here you want to Mute. Then click save changes at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks! I was expecting some other UI pattern where I select/deselect categories. This was a bit of a pain to turn off all but a couple, but I think I got them all :-)