Absolute quickest way to add an inbox item from outside of OF app, on a Macbook

is there some kind of shortcut for this? e.g., when I am on my desktop, what is the quickest way to add an inbox item?

Been using OF for year on IOS, bought a Macbook, and now trying the 2 week free trial on here, seems not so simple, like a whole new software to get used to NEARLY. Still has it’s familiarity though, interested to see how this goes.

Terminal/iterm using Brett Terpstras script here

I often have a small terminal window open anyway for other things but terminal loads so quickly this is not really an issue.

There are also Launchbar and Alfred scrips available as well if you use either of these



in your application settings (cmd-,) on the first screen, there is an field to set a keyboard shortcut for quick entries. Set it to whatever combination of keys you like and than use it to pop up a small window to enter a new entry to the inbox.



As @ralf suggests, the quick entry window is the easiest way to get things in quickly. Just bear in mind the shortcut only works when OmniFocus is running (even if only in the background).

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If you have Keyboard Maestro (a macro app), they have a macro ontheir site that will open OmniFocus if you invoke the Quick Entry window when OF2 is not running.

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Thanks for all these,

now I can do a quick entry with in the app and also when I am not in the app and on safari, awesome progress for me on OF for the Mac :-)

Love this approach!! This make it easier to create automation with scripts