Accessing perspectives in Shortcuts

I’m trying to get a list of items that are shown in one of my custom perpectives, for use in a shortcut (namely, a WidgetPack shortcut to show these items)

I’ve managed to get my custom perspectives “primary key” via the automation console (not trivial …)

I can run the following action:
Process { “type”:”perspective”, “primaryKey”:”xxxx”} into a database object

Which outputs the (not very helpful):

Input was successfully coerced into a Perspective. Use the “Perspective” value on the result.

My logical next step would be to use something like “find Item” to enumerate all tasks from the perspective, but there is no selection to use the Perspective value…

Maybe what I plan on doing is just impossible?..

I don’t think it’s possible. As far as I can see, you can only use that ‘Perspective’ value as the parameter to the ‘Show in OmniFocus” action, which will open the perspective in the app. The ‘Find Items’ action uses its own detailed filter criteria and you can’t pass a perspective value to it.

I’m pretty sure that it’s also not possible to use an Omni Automation script to get the items returned by a perspective.

Both would be nice enhancements!

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I requested this the other day and was told it’s not the first time they’ve heard the request! If you send in an email they can add your vote to the feature which pushes it higher up the list :)


Thanks for letting us know; I’ve sent an email about my interest in this

… and done. Mail sent, and support human has replied, adding my vote to the pile - We may yet see it.!
Thx @rosemaryjayne for the tip.

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