Accidentally Deleted "Available" Perspective

I was trying to clean up some things on OF3 and accidentally deleted the default “Available” perspective. I can’t seem to find how that was set up. I’ve tried to recreate it and I think I have, but I remember there being some odd rules that I haven’t recreated.

I uninstalled OF3 and reinstalled it, thinking that it would restore this perspective, but it did not. I assume that when I uninstalled it, some of the settings files weren’t purged. At least that is my guess.

Can someone open their Available perspective and click on the “eyeball” and take a screenshot of it for me please? I am looking for the default setup of the Available perspective.

Thank you in advance.


I don’t actually think ‘Available’ is a built-in perspective. At least, I don’t have it in my installation, and it’s not documented here.

Nevertheless, you should be able to open a backup on your computer and see the perspective settings in the backup file? Then you can use them to recreate the perspective.

I have the same answer as @kaitlin - no "Available’ perspective in my installation. Do you have a “Today” perspective?

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It’s not a simple thing. You need to look more at your backup files. I wondering if I may help but when I had the same trouble with this page I found some bugs in the page files and system didn’t allow to make a backup. So, i just started from the scratch.

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve used OF3 on and off for the past year and worked with a tutor (over a year ago) setting it up so maybe he helped me create the Available Perspective and I just didn’t remember. But to be certain, you went into the “edit Perspectives” function and it wasn’t there? That is where I found it. It wasn’t one that was already showing. I had to make it a “favorite” for it to show.

I’ll take a look at my backups too.

I appreciate you and @kaitlin taking time to repond!


One other point of information. It appears to me that the Perspectives setup info is not kept in the backup files. The reason I think this is when I open a backup file well before the time I accidentally deleted the “Available” Perspective, it is showing me the new Available Perspective that I created and not showing me the old one. So it looks like restoring the automatic backup files doesn’t help restore deleted perspectives.


Yes, that’s where I went. 👍

I didn’t realise that perspectives weren’t included in the backup. It might be worth contacting Omni Support to see whether they have any suggestions?

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