Action groups in Tags perspective not shown, but counted?

Hi, I have a question: When I tag an action group (not an individual task), it is not displayed in Tags Perspective, however I can see it to be counted in summary count: E.g. here I have created one action group, tagged “mac” (I have no other tasks tagged by “mac”) and I can see it counted:

But I cannot see it (even if I set Show->All). Is it intentional? My understanding was that number of tasks in summary equals number of shown tasks. Thank you for your help.

My guess is that you have the setting ‘In Tags and Flagged: Exclude projects and groups’ enabled in the main OF preferences.

Unfortunately, in this case the count of items does not change to reflect the items actually displayed.

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You are correct, I did not realize it (I looked for settings in Perspective View, not in General Preferences) Thanks for your help.

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