Action Groups in the Forecast perspective (OF2)

I use Action Groups whithin projects. When I set them to sequential, I only want to see the first action due in my perspectives (same as in projects). No problem in general except in the Forecast perspective,

I use the Forecast perspective a lot to prioritize my work every day.

But the Forecast perspective has a different behaviour regarding Action Groups which clutters the whole thing:

If a sequential action group has a due date assigned to the action group, it shows all actions plus the action group name. I didn’t find a way to set it to only showing the first sequential action.

It behaves ok with projects (only shows the first action due in a sequential project), but not in Action Groups

It also displays the actions in a funny way: Action group names are displayed as an addtiional action at the END of the actions contained in the action group (instead of ignoring them or showing them at the beginning, which is how they are created in the project view)

Is there a way I can set the Forecast Perspective to only show the first due action in a sequential action group?


Because things sometimes get mis-filed or mis-tagged, Forecast view currently errs on the side of showing everything with a given date assigned. (Items assigned to projects and tags which are dropped or on hold will appear there, for example.)

That said, we have a feature request open on the ability to apply the Available/Remaining/First available filter to that view; will attach you so the rest of the team knows it’s something you want. Thanks!

Sorry for the confusion! The idea here is actually somewhat similar to the idea behind First Available. Just work down the list from top to bottom; once the container is reached, it’s empty.


I understand the cleverness behind it, but that is a terrible idea. To have task groups rendered completely different from everywhere else you see them.

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