Action link/sync/copy

Can you have a synced action between two projects?

For instance, I have an Action for a gift idea under Project “Gifts”. Under Project “Store X” I’d like to have the same Action synced, so when I complete it on one, it’s completed on the other.

I don’t think so. It’s a similar idea to the idea of cloning in outlining, which has been a long time feature request for OmniOutliner. I think for various complexities Omni never implemented it. It is an interesting idea. You may be able to get part of the way there using tags. I would think of Store X as a tag rather than a project, and I would use the tags view (or custom perspectives if you have pro) to see what I need to get in Store X. That would include the items in Gifts with the tag, as well as tagged items in any non-Gift projects.

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Personally I would see Store X as a tag, rather than a project. Have you considered this approach instead? Not that a symbolic link of some tasks wouldn’t be nice of course :)

Thanks Matt. Great suggestion. I’ll check out tagging.

Thanks Rosemary, seems like tagging is the way to go!

By the way, love your podcast. It inspired me to ask around at work about implementing automation.

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