Action not appearing in context if it has a date set

I found a bug. I’m the developer for OmniPop Pro and Lite and I was updating it for compatibility changes. Found what I thought was a bug in my AppleScript and isn’t.

Summary: a task with a Context and either defer or end dates does not appear in the Context view. It does appear under Project or Inbox views (depending on whether or not it has a project).


(1) Create a new task in an existing context and project. Give it a defer and/or end date.

(2) Expect: task appears in Context view under chosen context.

(3) Actual: appears in Project view but not in context view. Inspection shows that both context and date are properly set

(4) Remove the dates from the task

(5) task now appears in Context view in correct location

Oh, and by the way, excellent work.

What are your View Options on the Context perspective?
If it’s set to “First Available” or “Available”, this could be intended behavior.

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