Action Steps to Sync A Captured iOS Reminder Item

If I place a reminder in the iOS reminder app to and have that list synced to the inbox of OmniFocus, is it necessary for me to remember to open the OF iOS app each time to complete the sync? Unless I am doing something wrong, it seems as if it is only showing up in iOS OF when I open OF and sync. Thanks.

The reminders should be pulled in whenever OmniFocus gets a chance to sync. This should definitely happen when you open the app; however, it might also happen in the background after a few minutes, if OmniFocus syncs due to an iOS background fetch or a push notification. How long are you waiting for the reminders to be imported?

I haven’t waited long at all. I didn’t know if it did a background refresh on its own or I had to manually open the OF iOS app each time to let it sync. Thanks for your help!