Action templates?


I am a new OmniFocus user. I bought the Pro versions for Mac and iOS a few days ago. I am finding it to be incredibly useful and it is quickly becoming indispensable for my daily routines.

My business requires me to do several supply-runs each week at different local stores. I have employees complete an inventory form each day so that I know what is needed.

Right now, each time I do a supply-run, I am checking this paper inventory list, and manually adding a new action in my Errands project with a context for each store that I must travel to. (I could list each inventory item as a sub-context, but this seems clumsy. I want the context field for the store name.)

Is there a method or workaround to have a master-list of actions (ie: a list of all my inventory items) which I can use over and over (and not have to type these lists constantly on my tiny phone keyboard)? Setting the action to repeat doesn’t work because each supply-run requires different items to be purchased.

Please forgive me if this has been covered before. I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer.

If you have a text document with line separated tasks, you could paste it into Omnifocus for IOS by long-tapping on a task above where you would like to have inventory list. Each line from the text document would then become a separate action. Would that do? In Omnifocus for Mac you could also select a project (a master-list), copy it and paste it to get a copy including all tasks.

Interesting possibilities. I will try out both options, thanks!

It would be super helpful for this application to have some kind of Project “library” that I could grab list items from.

I do something similar to what you’re asking with Launch Center Pro. I have a handful of tasks that happen regularly (changing the oil in my car) but I don’t know when. So I created a separate trigger in LCP that opens the OmniFocus add URL on my phone. It adds the task directly where it belongs and only when I realize I need to do it.

Well, you could have that and do that. Create a folder for your project library, then hold the option key pressed (to create a copy) while you drag a library project to the place you want.

Sorry, a bit too quick there. List items, you said, not the whole list. But I guess it could work the same way. Just start with holding the cmd key pressed to select several disconnected items.

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