Actions appearing in Calendar?

How do I get actions to appear in the iOS Apple Calendar with OmniFocus 3 (not calendar events in OmniFocus timeline)?

Instructions for OmniFocus 2 say this can be enabled in settings, but I don’t see it in OmniFocus 3, and I never tried it in OmniFocus 2 since I was waiting for tags before moving to OmniFocus.

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Unfortunately, this feature has been discontinued with OF3. However, you can keep OF2 running alongside your OF3 installation and set OF2 to create the iCal calendar integration file.

Long time ago, I did a workflow for creating calendar events from actions: Automation/Integration: Here's how to create a Calendar event from OF2.15 using the iOS App 'Workflow'

Still use it regularily. Maybe it would help you, too?

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