Actions can't be printed themselves nor fully with images OF MAC v2

If you want to print an Action and you see that that Action is highlighted, clicking it, then you go to the Menu File>Print. You will get this for a printed note

Omnifocus Projects (Why is this relevant to anything I am wanting to see when printed?)
Your Project Folder (Not relevant)
The Action’s Folder (Not relevant)
All the Actions in the project (Not relevant)

Well why not JUST the highlighted Action? And format it and print it complete as seen WSIWYG so I can understand it. Currently no images you’ve put in and around your action text will print.

BTW If you right-click the Action you are not presented with a Print option. It should be there too.

This is a long outstanding hole in the offering, Broken. Further there are no user printing settings, i.e. Margins etc…


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