Actions from paused projects are visible in Forecast

  1. Select some project.
  2. Add some actions and set their due dates to today or tomorrow.
  3. Make this project PAUSED.
  4. Go to the main screen and select today or tomorrow in Forecast.
  5. The actions from the paused project are displayed.

What is the logic???
I specially paused the project to postpone it to some other dates (which I do not know yet).
And I don’t expect to see the actions from the paused project in Forecast.

Moreover, in one week I will see the same paused actions in Forecast as “past actions which are not done” - i.e. “shame on you!”.
And it is confusing - I’ve done everything what I planned but still some “not-done-yet” actions are present.

OK, for all the paused projects I have a special perspective which I revise every week.
And after every revision I do smth - either “keep projects as paused” or “unpause and re-schedule projects”. And it works.
But the current behavior of Forecast “let’s show even paused actions” is just a confusion.

instead of postponing the project with some future date, you can set the project to “on hold” status. This will hide the project from perspectives that show available actions.

Set the review date to a future date. When the review date comes, you will see this "on hold: project in the Review perspective. This serves as your reminder to remember this project and review its status on that review date.

Set the review cycle to something more appropriate. A someday/maybe project can probably reviewed once a month or longer. As some projects need more attention, you can set the review cycle to something shorter - one week or shorter.

It becomes really irritating to just keep setting the defer or due dates to some arbitrary future data when you will not be actively working on it. You are probably trying to remind yourself to see this project in the future (in 3 days, next week, next month, etc.).

Anything that has a date (defer or due) will be shown in the forecast. If you don’t want to see a project in the forecast perspective then don’t set a defer or due date. This “on hold” project is really a Someday/Maybe project. I would like to start this project some day or maybe I will start this project in the future.

No no no.
We are using different names for same things: “||”-projects I call “Paused”, you call “On Hold”.
And you wrote: “This will hide the project from perspectives that show available actions” - unfortunately, it doesn’t work in Forecast and I am complaining about it.

If you don’t want to see a project in the forecast perspective then don’t set a defer or due date” - if I don’t specify defer and due date for paused projects, but specify them for actions, now I can see these actions in Forecast (and don’t agree with it). And I do not want to change these defer & due dates (or clear them) - now I have now time to re-specify them since I have now time for these paused projects. I just paused these projects and gonna re-schedule them some day.

Hello! At the moment, if you want OmniFocus not to show these actions in Forecast, you’ll need to clear the due dates on them. These actions are showing up because OmniFocus prioritizes due dates over the On Hold status - the program has to assume that any deadline on an action is a hard deadline, and to let you miss that deadline because a containing project was on hold could cause trouble. OmniFocus is erring on the side of caution, so to speak.

I understand this may not be the behavior you’re looking for, and I’m sorry about that. We’re always happy to take suggestions or improvement requests via email. If you have OmniFocus for Mac, you can also quickly clear all these due dates by selecting all the tasks in the project, then using the inspector sidebar to set an empty due date.

In my opinion, you can provide a simple switch like “Include on hold projects” - for more flexibility.

There are some reasons why I don’t clear Due dates for actions in paused projects:

  1. Have no time to do it - even in Mac version.
  2. Every action has a Due time including “date & time”. Values of dates are set based on the date of the 1st action; for example, action1=“01/01/15”, action2=“03/01/15” (+2 days), action3=“07/01/15” (+4 days) and so on. Also, values of time are set based on some reasons! I spent some time to schedule all these actions - now I have to re-schedule all these actions just because earlier I had to clear everything??? No way.