Actions with a context but no project stay in Inbox

OmniFocus 1 would automatically create a Miscellaneous single action list for items in the inbox with a context but no project assigned.

Is there a new way I should approach single actions that don’t need a project in OmniFocus 2? Both the Mac version and iPhone seem to have the same behavior.

l just purchased both of them yesterday. Love the new look BTW!

I’ve been out of the conversation on the forums for some time and may have missed a conceptual shift. I’m all good with change. I didn’t find it clear in the manual how to handle these now.

Thanks for the help!

IIRC, OmniFocus 2 changed the default Inbox cleanup behavior to require that items have an assigned project before they are moved out of the Inbox. You can restore the old behavior in the Organization preferences. Change “Clean up inbox items which have” from “A Project” to something else (perhaps “A Context”):

Alternately, you could manually assign your Inbox items to an equivalent Miscellaneous project that you create yourself.

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What would be really nice is if I could assign Inbox items automatically to a project, then I could have them drop into the Inbox project I was forced to make so I could see my hierarchy and Inbox at the same time. This would also work for the Miscellaneous project @SRiggs is looking for.

Thanks tekl That was helpful. Maybe I’ll try living without the miscellaneous list and see what happens. :-)

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All nice and good. But the problem is that OF2 on iPad keeps adding the Misc project even if I setup the Mac OF2!!!

So now I ended up with several Misc projects, which I do not need!

How can I make the iOS OF2 behave same way as Mac OF2?


Radu Pârvu

@rparvu hmm, that’s certainly unexpected! Is the iPad syncing with the Mac? The “Clean up inbox items which have…” setting should sync between all your devices, so once the iPad is synced up with the Mac, I would expect it to stop making the Miscellaneous project. What’s more, it won’t automatically delete old Miscellaneous projects it created in the past – you may need to recategorize tasks in those projects, then delete them yourself.

If the iPad continues to create new Miscellaneous projects, please get in touch with support! They can help you track down this behavior and configure OmniFocus on your iPad to work better for you.

Ok, thanks. I contacted the support address you recommended.