Actions with files attached

If there is a file attached to an action and the action is deleted the file still remains on the filesystem. This is quite bad as files keep accumulating over time and use the space. I tried restarting OF3 or rebuilding the database without any success!

On the Mac you can see (and delete) attachments from the window menu > attachments list. Don’t believe it’s possible on iOS though?

It’s one of those gotchas for everyone who wants attachments deleted with the task there will be the same number who will complain it’s not retained so probably providing a manual solution as it is now is the best.

I think you misunderstood the problem. The issue is that after deleting a task, the attachment does not show anymore in the Windows -> Attachments List window (which I think it is correct) but the file nevertheless remains on the filesystem:

So I have created a task, attached a file, deleted the task and the result is that I the file is not anymore mentioned in the Windows -> Attachments List window list but it remains on the filesystem. This is not right as no one comes back to check this internal location of OF3.

cc: @kcase
Yes, this appears to be a bug. How I discovered it and came here today to try and solve this very problem.

  1. OF database free of attachments (backup files ~500KB)
  2. add 85MB attachment to an action and checked attachment list and attachment was listed (backup files now ~75MB)
  3. delete said attachment from action and checked attachment list and it was empty (backup files still ~75MB)
  4. 5 days later and backup files are still ~75MB. Uncompressed most recent backup file and the attachment that was deleted days ago is still in backup files taking up precious space.

This is unacceptable for a “mature” app. One should be able to trust that when an attachment is deleted it is truly deleted from the OF database. Please fix this and/or advise on how to rid the backup database of orphaned attachments.

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Data from deleted attachments are preserved for a few weeks so that OmniFocus can avoid resending them to every device if you end up undoing the delete.

That said, we think it would be really useful to have an clean up option which says “No, really, you can fully reclaim those deleted attachments now”—especially when you’re trying to clean up that space right now (for whatever reason).

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How long is the deleted data still kept on the local filesystem?