Active Projects Only with Negative Filter

There are several posts on Active projects, but couldn’t find what I was after so thought I would share my use of the Perspective > Filter > None feature to show only Active Projects with all tasks. The problem with the Available view is that it show only Available tasks in Available projects. I wanted Available projects and All Active Tasks. I also didn’t want to fuss with AppleScript, Shortcuts, or anything outside OF.

I should add that I am not GTD nut (not even close), so if you are, you will doubt the value of this perspective.

Screenshot with my annotations explaining the filter and logic attached.

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This is a valid perspective to see the entirety of active projects.

You can make the checked rules more concise by using only:

  • Availability: Remaining
  • None(‘Has a project which is on hold’)

since ‘Remaining’ means actions which aren’t completed or dropped.

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